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Dr. Kyle Kramer, Founder - Eternal Spring
In the Spotlight – Eternal Spring

In the Spotlight – Eternal Spring

As the only surrogacy agency in Guatemala, Eternal Spring works personally with every intended parent and provides the highest level of care

In a nutshell. Bespoke, boutique-like agency, highly personal service, rapid start times and fast process.

Founder - Dr. Kyle Kramer

We are a boutique agency in Guatemala that works personally with each client. We take our work very personally and do not accept more than four clients per month. As the founder, I give every intended parent my phone number and I communicate with them directly.

The costs

Most of our packages are in the mid $60k range. Prices vary due to the egg donor chosen, genetic testing and the number of embryo transfers.  A mid $60k package is complete with egg donor and PGT-A testing (a genetic test used to identify genetic abnormalities in embryos created with IVF).

The story

At the beginning of my career I was a veterinary technician working on fertility in dairy cows.  I found reproduction so fascinating that I ended up studying it. Today, I have a Masters and Ph.D. degree.

On a more personal note, many years ago, when my wife and I wanted to have children we found out we needed a surrogate to make that dream come true, but unfortunately it was not medically or legally possible back then. So for me, helping others have children is, in a way, a very personal mission. 

In 1988, my mother moved to Guatemala from Iowa and I started to winter here.  In 2002, when the internet was mature, I decided to stay. It is the most interesting place I have ever lived in - it is a democratic country, the weather is great and the people are incredibly friendly and most are bi-lingual (Spanish and English, but also other languages).

I began working in the surrogacy field in the US and after six years, I joined forces with attorney Ron Mayorga to establish our agency in Guatemala. 

Collectively, more surrogacy journeys take place outside the US in places like Georgia, Ukraine, Colombia, Cyprus and Greece, but what’s great about Guatemala is that it’s just around the corner from the US. Our clinics and hospitals are in the Beverly Hills area of Guatemala City. Life here is extremely comfortable and the city  is impressively cosmopolitan. 

In addition, the enrite surrogacy process in Guatemala is a fraction of that in the US and Western Europe.

We are the only surrogacy program operating in Guatemala. Prior to December 2020, our only marketing was word of mouth and referrals from partners in several countries: USA, Canada, Australia and Sweden. We are not a large factory operation with hundreds of clients per year.  No, we are more bespoke and boutique like. We engage with our clients and personally escort all of them.

For me, sensitivity and compassion are essential characteristics in this field. You cannot work in this area unless you are sensitive to the intended parents’ feelings and love helping others make babies. There is no other more important decision people can make than to have a family.

My tips

Although I know there are intended parents who consider venturing on an independent surrogacy journey, from my experience it’s a really bad idea from many perspectives.

First, psychology studies have shown the intended parents should not be too close to the surrogate and that third party management of the process is best.  

Second, the details of all the pieces of the surrogacy process, regardless of country, are almost overwhelming.  

Heartwarming Anecdotes

I have over 400 surrogacy journeys under my belt, but one of the most memorable experiences was a German hetersexual couple who were cheated by an IVF clinic. I was able to have their embryos shipped to our location, but they also had two surrogates back out of the agreement and disappeared. Finally, I found a third surrogate to help them and we had the baby. The surrogate and her family are now part of the German couple's family.

Dr. Kyle Kramer, Founder of Eternal Spring

Present and Future

I love helping people and with my education, I am passionate about explaining every last detail to intended parents about how everything works, from egg donation and hormones, to genetic testing. I like helping people have a family even if they are not my clients.

In the future, I want to continue using my education, knowledge, and experience to help people, until I am too old to work.

Thinking about surrogacy and egg donation? Start by finding the right surrogate and agency for you.

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