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3 Essential Tips for Intended Parents on How to Choose Your Ideal Surrogate

3 Essential Tips for Intended Parents on How to Choose Your Ideal Surrogate

With one in six people battling infertility and the LGBTQ+ community increasingly embracing parenthood, surrogacy, along with sperm and egg donation, has become a vital option for family building. In this article, we share critical insights from Ronny Schwartz Dgani, the co-founder and CMO of Expecting.AI. The startup combines human compassion, expertise, and advanced AI to guide intended parents through the intricate journey of surrogacy. This piece specifically zeroes in on pivotal tips for intended parents to consider when selecting a surrogate.

Surrogacy presents a unique opportunity for individuals and couples to achieve their dream of parenthood. Expecting.AI stands at the forefront of providing expert guidance in this realm. By blending human empathy, professional know-how, and cutting-edge AI and digital tools, Expecting.AI demystifies the complexities involved in surrogacy, sperm, and egg donation.

How to Determine the Right Surrogate for You

1. Health: The Foremost Priority

The health of the surrogate is of utmost importance. Intended parents must review the surrogate's full profile, ensuring the agency has collected her complete medical records and relevant health details, such as existing conditions (e.g., diabetes, pre-eclampsia), past surgical procedures (like C-sections), and ongoing medication regimens. It's crucial that the surrogate's health meets the clinic's requirements for a safe and effective surrogacy process. If the agency has not yet obtained the surrogate's medical records, it's advisable to withhold emotional investment until this crucial step is completed.

2. Location: Convenience and Legal Considerations

The surrogate's location is a significant factor in the surrogacy journey. Ideally, finding a surrogate near the clinic eases logistics. If long-distance travel is involved, ensuring the surrogate has a solid support network for herself and her family is essential. Furthermore, understanding the surrogacy laws in the surrogate's state is imperative, as legal frameworks can vary dramatically from one region to another.

3. Communication: The Secret Ingredient for a Good Match

Effective communication is the cornerstone of a successful surrogacy journey. Intended parents should look for a surrogate who is communicative, prompt in undergoing necessary tests, and open to continuous dialogue. An excellent method to gauge communication skills is through a Zoom call to establish if there's a good rapport. for more tips on what questions intended parents should ask their surrogate in the match Call, visit Expecting.AI's blog.


Deciding to move on a surrogacy journey is both complex and fulfilling. By concentrating on the surrogate's health, location, and communication skills, intended parents can greatly increase their likelihood of a successful surrogacy experience. We at Expecting.AI encourage you to delve into our blog and follow our AI-driven video series for more comprehensive guidance and tips.

Future Outlook

Expecting.AI is at the vanguard of assisting surrogates, sperm and egg donors, and intended parents in their fertility journeys. With ongoing developments in AI-driven resources, intended parents can anticipate more profound advice and support as they start  their quest to build a family through surrogacy.

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