Key Questions Intended Parents Should Ask Fertility Clinics: Navigating Egg Donation and Surrogacy

Key Questions Intended Parents Should Ask Fertility Clinics: Navigating Egg Donation and Surrogacy

Selecting the right clinic for an egg donation or surrogacy journey is a critical decision for intended parents. This choice profoundly impacts the success of the procedure and significantly influences the emotional experience of this journey. To ensure a decision is made with the greatest amount of information available, it’s essential for intended parents to engage potential clinics with a series of targeted questions.

Finding the perfect clinic at the start of your surrogacy or egg donation journey stands as one of the most significant decisions intended parents face, especially if you are facing an international journey. The list of questions proposed below is designed to guide intended parents during consultations with potential clinics. These inquiries span a range of critical topics, including costs, protocols for external donors, laboratory and medical procedures, and the availability of additional supportive services. Armed with comprehensive responses, intended parents will be better positioned to evaluate a clinic's ability to satisfy their unique requirements, clarify the financial investment involved, and anticipate the level of medical and emotional support available to them.

Essential Questions for Potential Clinics:

1. What are the total costs associated with egg retrieval?

It's crucial to understand all financial aspects, including options for genetic test of the embryos.

2. What expenses are involved in embryo creation and freezing?

It's important to understand the financial commitment involved in creating and storing embryos. Seek clear information on all associated costs.

3. Who sets the medical protocol for external donors?

Ehis question is particularly relevant if you're considering a donor from outside the clinic's network. Intended parents should ensure the clinic is open to working with an egg donation agency and is willing to communicate directly with the egg donation coordinator. The coordinator will relay the clinic's guidelines to the donor.

4. What is the donor approval process?

Grasping the necessary documentation and genetic testing cross-checks can make the process more efficient. Although intended parents do not have access to the donor's medical lab results, it is vital to know the clinic's requirements and confirm that the egg donation agency complies with these standards.

Key Questions Intended Parents Should Ask Fertility Clinics

5. What are the sperm testing requirements before embryo creation?

Understanding these prerequisites is essential for effective planning and preparation.

6. Is the laboratory in-house or external?

The location and oversight of the lab may affect the process's efficiency and success.

7. Can you provide success rates and statistics?  

In the United States, you can view these statistics through SART. In other locations around the world, it's advisable to directly request this data.

8. Who performs the egg retrieval procedure? 

Intended parents should request to speak directly with the medical professional involved, rather than with a clinic administrator.

9. Is there a guarantee on the number of viable embryos?

This question addresses the expectations and potential outcomes of the process. Usually, guarantee packages are only valid if you choose an egg donor from the clinic's pool of donors, although the clinic’s donor pool is typically limited and smaller than those offered by agencies and platforms such as

10. What genetic tests are available for embryos?

Inquire about the types of testing offered, such as PGS or NGS, to assess genetic conditions or other factors. Also, ask about the costs of these tests and whether the doctor recommends performing them during your journey.

11. Is it possible to determine the gender of the embryo?

In some countries, such as the United States, intended parents have the option to learn about the gender of the embryo, whereas other countries prohibit this practice. It's important to understand your options well in advance.

12. What are the costs for embryo freezing and storage?

Clarify annual fees and any other associated costs for storing embryos.

By thoroughly addressing these questions, intended parents can navigate the complexities of selecting a clinic with confidence, ensuring that they choose a partner that aligns with their needs, values, and financial considerations for their surrogacy or egg donation journey.

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