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How Many Times Can You Donate Your Eggs?

How Many Times Can You Donate Your Eggs?

Have you pledged yourself that you want to help families have kids by donating your eggs? Bless your heart! You are giving immense pleasure to a couple who direly wishes to have kids. The only problem is a woman can donate a limited quantity of eggs in her lifetime.

How many times can a woman donate her eggs? This question is answered here.

How many eggs can you donate?

It’s important to understand that through each cycle, the ovary matures 10 to 20 eggs. However, only one of these eggs makes their way to ovulation. The rest of them are absorbed back into the body.
Taking medication helps your body mature most of all of those eggs. The donor ovulates and releases eggs into the fallopian tubes, and the doctor retrieves the eggs from there.

Even when your cycle ends, you have the same amount of eggs in reserve. The number of eggs you will donate in your cycle varies. The final number depends on the number of follicles your ovaries produce each month naturally and how well your body responded to the fertility shots.

How many times can you donate eggs?

According to The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), you can only donate your eggs six times in your lifetime. These six cycles are recommended as a precautionary measure. Although there are no documented long-term risks with the egg donation process, the aim is to protect the donor from unknown risks. This limitation is enforced to ensure that a large group of children isn’t conceived with a single donor's help.

When can you donate eggs again?

If you wish to donate again after your first cycle, it’s recommended to have two regular menstrual cycles between your donation cycles. It’s also important to ensure that the donor doesn’t experience medical complications through the process. If the donor reacted negatively to the fertility medication during the first experience, the doctors might not recommend proceeding again, not right away.

It’s actually a blessing that a woman sell eggs more than once. The joy would be experience after helping a family conceive will make you want to do it again. Don’t rush into the process. Let your body heal and then make a decision. You can also ask your doctor when it will be safe for you to become an egg donor again.

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